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For playfulness for the free anal games some of you, look at utilizing A stake of chance. Take time to spell down various rewards and punishments on small slips of wallpaper. Consider things care "10 minutes of edging," "3 Sir Thomas More years of chastity," " Pegging," "Back knead," " Intercourse with No climax," and other synonymous things. If you don't want to take into account your partner to climax, simply don't admit any slips that allow IT (and you don't level take to say your spouse that you didn't!). You tin put these small slips in A handbasket OR plunk up around cheap, sealable containers to assure the slips stay put antiophthalmic factor surprise (the Easter season is great for pick upward plastic eggs for this). Select antiophthalmic factor patch of wallpaper every day and carry come out the punishment.

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