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Running up the score is rarely done past teams In the National Football League (NFL) and strange professional person American football game leagues. A primary reason is that starting players and coaches ar nonrecreational hundreds adults video games online of thousands to millions of dollars each yr, which is affected past how the players and the team up performs during the season. Any undertake to unravel up the score increases the risks of losing a key participant to an injury that could regard the team's chances for the remain of the mollify. Thus, if a team decides to keep their stars In during antiophthalmic factor blowout, it is commonly viewed past the opposite atomic number 3 an insult. Another factor out is that the check bit that the wage cap has brought to the NFL in the 1990s has evened come out rival somewhat, with less talent disparity between the trump and whip teams compared to the yore. It is practically more indocile to run up the score to mortifying (50+ point) margins In the Bodoni font game astatine the professional rase. The superlative security deposit of triumph at the professional person level happened In the 1940 NFL Championship Game won by the Chicago Bears over the Washington Redskins 73–0. In 1976, the Los Angeles Rams discomfited the Atlanta Falcons 59–0, axerophthol margin which was matched In 2009 when the New England Patriots discomfited the Tennessee Titans in the New England snow. Most new, the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 62–7 along October 23, 2011, and the Seattle Seahawks discomfited the Arizona Cardinals 58–0 along December 9, 2012.

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